Tandoori chicken cooked at home!

the king of kebabs – tandoori chicken!! Here is my version of the ‘king of kebabs’, AKA tandoori chicken, which you can make at home even if you do not have a tandoor. Last year I wrote about my memory of this wonderful dish which reminds me so much of my father. If you’re keen […]

Bhunaoed spinach

This week I want to share a dish made with spinach. Spinach is so versatile whether it be palak paneer, or saag murgh, or saag gosht, or . . . and most chefs can cook these dishes and make them taste good (this comes with practice). A few chefs can even cook these dishes and […]

Parsi style prawns

This week I want to share a recipe for prawns cooked Parsi style. This is an ancient recipe that has been passed down the generations by word of mouth. In this particular recipe the prawns are fried in a masala which uses only five  ingredients (besides salt and oil) and the end result is the […]

Dum ka murgh

how can you not smile when you are about to eat dum ka murgh? I want to share this recipe as it is my favourite chicken dish that uses a technique which the French call confit and we Indians call dum [dum derives from the Persian word ‘dum baksh‘  meaning ‘to give breath to’ or cooked in its own juices […]

Murgh kali mirch ……

murgh kali mirch served alongside steamed basmati rice Happy New Year to you all, folks! As my first blog for 2013 I want to share this recipe that, to this day, remains one of the most amazing dishes I have learnt to cook. It is simple yet very technical as it uses black peppercorns, the […]

Dhuyein ki machchi (smoked fish and tomato chutney)

sampling the wonderful dhuyein ki machchi smoked at home! The dish I want to share this week is the easy-to-do-at-home, or on the barbie (great for the Aussies), dhuyein ki machchi!! smoked fish and tomato chutney ingredients for smoked fish from top, clockwise: ground garlic, ground ginger, chilli powder, turmeric powder, kebab garam masala (ground), oil, […]