Six basic spice mixes – you may call them “garam masala”. . .Part 1 of my garam masala series.

 The above image shows the six garam masala spice mixes. From L to R top row we have the spice mixes for: seafood, vegetarian, poultry; from L to R [bottom row] for: red meat, nilgiri’s biryani mix, kebabs How do you simplify a complex cuisine which has at least a billion different interpretations, all of them […]

That was the year that was!

It’s the start of another new year, it’s the midst of the cricket season (but let’s not talk about that quite yet) and I’ve had some new thoughts regarding my blog which have come from comments left about the blogs, customer feedback and yours truly thinking! So, this year, folks, in my Wednesday blogs I […]

A Tale of Two Classics

the classic Kashmiri, Pandit-style rogan josh In my 30-odd years of cooking, if there is one lesson I have learnt, it is this: never challenge a customer. Never. Ever. Some may agree with this, but there is another school of thought that believes otherwise. Some chefs in so-called high places believe that a customer is […]