Recipe for Rogan Josh Kashmiri Pandit Style

Here is a step-by-step version of this delicious Kashmiri ‘classic’ rogan josh recipe. For a one page summary, click rogan josh recipe. you can make this delicious Kashmiri rogan josh dish For this recipe I use:   1 kg diced goat on the bone diced goat meat left on the bone First of all, we grind […]

Chutneys, chatni, pickles, achars and my ajoba

Most people think that chutneys or chatnis or pickles or achars are just fillers, or condiments, that have no serious role to play in an Indian meal. nilgiri’s home made pickles and chutneys Well, you will be surprised to know that an Indian meal is not complete unless accompanied by either a chatni or an achar. […]