1.2 billion people, 5 regions, 32 states, 14 official languages, 100s of styles of cooking, and just one dish called CURRY!!!

How is it that this huge country called India, with such a long history and so many cultures, can end up being known for just one dish – “CURRY”? How is it that this country, which exports besides so many other things the ‘brains’ for the rest of the world, has only one dish to offer to […]

Parsee Food – a beautiful yatra!!

1985 was a very memorable year for me professionally. I finally became a ‘chef’ (I was just a cook before that and called a commis) and within a few weeks I was made a ‘banquet chef’, a post usually given to a sous-chef, but that did not matter as banquet chefs have a large role to play in […]

Why add the damn-d nuts?

In 1987 I was sent to Ooty (Oothagamandalam) to cater for the United Breweries’ annual conference spread over seven days. My job was to manage a team of chefs from the hotel and look after the breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails and dinner for all the UB guests during their stay. That was the easy […]

This ain't no damn curry in a hurry!

In 1983 I was at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi working in the soup/continental section in the ‘main kitchen’. This section made soups for the entire hotel, all the restaurants, the banquet rooms, room service and even the Chinese restaurant!! My Chef was John, we called him ‘Uncle John’; he was totally illiterate, […]