Six basic spice mixes – you may call them “garam masala”. . .Part 1 of my garam masala series.

 The above image shows the six garam masala spice mixes. From L to R top row we have the spice mixes for: seafood, vegetarian, poultry; from L to R [bottom row] for: red meat, nilgiri’s biryani mix, kebabs How do you simplify a complex cuisine which has at least a billion different interpretations, all of them […]

A Tale of Two Classics

the classic Kashmiri, Pandit-style rogan josh In my 30-odd years of cooking, if there is one lesson I have learnt, it is this: never challenge a customer. Never. Ever. Some may agree with this, but there is another school of thought that believes otherwise. Some chefs in so-called high places believe that a customer is […]

Recipe for Rogan Josh Kashmiri Pandit Style

Here is a step-by-step version of this delicious Kashmiri ‘classic’ rogan josh recipe. For a one page summary, click rogan josh recipe. you can make this delicious Kashmiri rogan josh dish For this recipe I use:   1 kg diced goat on the bone diced goat meat left on the bone First of all, we grind […]