Come and explore with me Indian regional cuisine.

Try my dishes at home. Some will be familiar, some less so.

From north (think tandoors, rotis, Kashmiri-style cooking and dum cooking) to south (spicy, hot [think Madras kari] and lots of rice!). East (Bengali fish, aromatic spices e.g. mustard oil, curry leaves, cardamoms) to West (more fish but think of balchao masala and kutchi biryani). Central (best of all worlds! from meat, to pulses, Hyderabadi biryani and dum cooking).

Vegan and vegetarian meals are featured along the way, as many Indians eat this way.

Any questions?

Ask me! I want to hear from you. About your culinary home-cooking trip around India.

Anha data sukhi bhava (may the provider of this food be happy and content!).


Garam Masalas