Chicken Recipes

murgh kali mirch

This is a Hyderabadi-style pepper chicken dish.

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murgh kali mirch

dum ka murgh

dum ka murgh

This is a Hyderabadi-style chicken confit dish cooked in its own juices without the addition of any water.

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ginger chicken

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murgh kali mirch

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murgh hara masala

This is chicken and green herbs.

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palak murgh

This is chicken and spinach.

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chicken pulao andhra style

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kadhai murgh

This is spiced chicken with cumin, chilli and pepper.

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dum ke kebab

This is smoked chicken mince kebabs.

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chicken mangalore

This is chicken in a spiced coconut sauce.

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fresh curry leaf chilli chicken

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hyderabadi murgh korma

This is chicken korma.

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bharuchi murghi

This is parsi coconut chilli chicken.

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