Seafood Recipes

smoked whole fish

perfect for snapper

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smoked whole fish

crab chettinad

crab chettinad

the easiest and best crab with pepper!!

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semolina crusted fish

the best ‘crumbed’ fish I have ever eaten.

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semolina crusted fish

prawn biryani

prawn biryani

here’s the biryaani that I love to cook. It’s with prawns, or chemeen as they call them, which make a delicious biryani

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machchi ka saalan

This is a Hyderabadi-style machchi ka saalan,  a fish dish that uses both tamarind and tomatoes and a river or a lake fish rather than a saltwater fish.

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a fish dish that uses tamarind & tomatoes

karwari prawns

This is semolina crusted prawns.

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kane gasi

This is Mangalorean style fish.

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prawn balchao

This is Goan style prawns.

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richly spiced bengali fish stew

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pepper & tamarind crusted prawns

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patra ni machchi parsi

This is parsi steamed fish in banana leaf.

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