Vegan Recipes

coconut ishtew

This coconut vegetable ishtew is from Kereela

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coconut ishtew

bharleli vangi ~ ‘stuffed eggplant’

bharleli vangi

This eggplant (aubergine) dish hails from the coastal region of Maharashtra in Western India.

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vegetarian garam masala

This vegetarian spice mix is perfect for vegan dishes.

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vegetarian garam masala


Masala dosai

This savoury filled pancake, I believe, is the national dish of India and is cherished by both the rich and the poor equally

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Dal Palak

Slow-cooked mung lentils or moong dal, with chopped, or puréed, spinach, tempered with black mustard seeds and kari leaf.I will serve this dal palak with plain boiled rice.As I can’t help myself, and so that it looks good, it will be served on a banana leaf.

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Dal Palak


Matki chi usal

Sprouted mung beans as cooked by my mum.

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Garam Masalas