Semolina crusted Karwari style fish (or barramundi!)

February 6th, 2013

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i’ve been a chef for over three decades now! i trained in chennai and started off with the taj hotel group. i’ve owned nilgiri’s indian restaurant in sydney for over 15 years. i’m on a mission to dispel the myth that indian food is no more than a ‘curry in a hurry’! come with me as i try and educate. indian food is my passion (alongside cricket!) and i’m enjoying exploring the new social media to fulfil this passion! i’ve also published cookery books, been on tv, the radio, won awards! now i’m also moving into making cookery videos. these are simple and easy to follow and don’t go on for hours like some Bollywood movies!

This week I want to share this simple, yet delicious, crusted fish dish.
The best ever crumbed fish dish I’ve eaten was in India where they used the kane fish (also called lady fish) but in downtown Sydney I use a local fish, barramundi, which serves its purpose just as well!
This fish has a very earthy flavour and can be very easily crumbed. I love to eat it served with a mint and coriander chatni!!
I use a fish garam masala in this recipe and to slice Spanish (red) onions properly, see here!

Step 1

ingredients, clockwise: salt, turmeric powder, garam masala for fish, fresh chillies ground, tamarind extract, fresh chillies slit lengthways, fried kari leaves, red (Spanish) onions, sliced

Step 2

2-inch squares of barramundi

Step 3

fine to medium coarse semolina

Step 4

oil for frying

Step 5

to finish – lemon juice and chopped parsley


add salt

Step 7

add add turmeric
add turmeric and garam masala

Step 8

add ground chillies
add tamarind extract

Step 9

mix spices into a masala or marinade

Step 10

coat each fish piece in the masala

Step 11

apply masala on both sides, or just one if you prefer

Step 12

dust fish in semolina

Step 13

add oil to hot pan and heat until it starts smoking

Step 14

carefully place each fish piece in the hot oil

Step 15

cook till the semolina is golden

Step 16

carefully turn fish over to cook both sides evenly, taking care not to damage semolina crust

Step 17

keep frying

Step 18

fry until fish crust turns a dark golden colour

Step 19

drain each fish piece of oil

Step 20

prepare bed of Spanish onion and chopped coriander, fried kari leaves with a dash of lemon juice, to serve

Step 21


Let me know how you go with this dish!

Anah Daata Sukhi Bhaava!!


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