Cooking Classes


The classes will be held on Monday evenings from 5.00 pm until 8.00 pm, followed by dinner. We cook in pairs in the classes & we recommend booking in groups of two. However if you have an individual booking, we will pair you with someone who has a similar booking for the class. There will be a Vegetarian Option in each class to cater for vegetarians. If you would like to request the Vegetarian Option, please let us know in the Notes section of your Booking Form. More dates coming soon…

Monday, 6th June 2022

Chettinad Chicken & Paneer Pachai Masala
Vegetarian Option –
Chettinad Vegetables & Paneer Pachai Masala

Monday, 4th July 2022 – NOT LIVE YET

Chicken Biryani & Muttar Paneer ka Saalan
Vegetarian Option –
Subz Biryani & Muttar Paneer ka Saalan

Monday, 1st August 2022

Kokur Roganjosh & Paneer Korma
Vegetarian Option –
Baingan Roganjosh & Paneer Korma

Monday, 12th September 2022

Coondapuri Chicken & Paneer Gassi
Vegetarian Option –
Goan Eggplant & Paneer Caldine

Monday, 10th October 2022

VEGETARIAN CLASS – Bharleli Vangi & Kolhapuri Paneer

Monday, 14th November 2022

Punjabi Murg Tikka Makhani & Malai Kofta
Vegetarian Option – Punjabi Paneer Tikka Makhani & Malai Kofta



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