Dear friends,

We are fighting back & fighting on, both as a nation & as a business. And thanks to your amazing support, we are close to the shore. We still have a mountain to climb & we are confident we will get there… eventually!!

We are re-opening for dine-in from Friday, 15th May. Since we are only allowed to have 10 diners at during this time, we hope to operate 3 sittings at the restaurant to keep it sustainable. As before, we are committed to ensuring that we will follow all the relevant health guidelines to maintain the highest standards of health & hygiene on our premises & keep the virus at bay!

You may continue to order Takeaways & Home Delivery & we think (hope!) we have managed to make our online ordering system robust, thanks to all the feedback we have received so far. We will continue with our community initiative & if you know anyone who requires food, please send us an email through our website & we will have hot food ready for you, no questions asked!!

And please do spread the word – tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world! To borrow one of the oft-used “Keep Calm” taglines, which ironically came about in tough times such as this, we would like to


Our food is no “curry in a hurry”, but we hope to keep “currying on” for a long time to come, with a little help from our friends!

Stay safe everyone!


Ajoy & Meera Joshi