We request that all Orders be placed online to the extent possible.

We would appreciate it if you could place your Orders as early as is possible, so we may organise ourselves accordingly &
endeavour to keep your order ready on time & reduce your waiting time at the restaurant.

Some of our guests have experienced issues with some devices & browsers. If that happens, it would be amazing if you could either email bookings(at) or call/text Meera on 0412 236 809 or Ajoy on 0411 463 485

We request you to please respect our strict Social Distancing guidelines when you come to pick-up your Order.
We have stools placed in the restaurant, so please take a seat at one of the stools & we will take care of your order.

We have Hand Sanitizers at the entrance, so please feel free to use them upon arrival &/or before you leave.

For Home Deliveries, please let us know if you would like us to leave your Delivery at the door.

We thank you for your help in managing this critical matter & hopefully we can overcome this crisis together.


Pick Up

Takeaways may be ordered (preferably!) in advance to be picked-up between 5.00 pm & 9.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Please allow 25 minutes for most orders (1-3 dishes with rice & breads) & 40 minutes for larger orders (4 or more dishes with rice & breads).

We request that last orders are placed by 8.30 pm please.



We realise that we are one of the lucky ones so far, to have the ability to keep our kitchens operational. We will be cooking 20 portions each of a meat dish & a vegetarian dish with rice & bread daily to offer to any of our exceptional healthcare workers &/or a hospitality worker &/or an international student who is doing it tough in the community. So if you or anyone you know requires food, send us an email through our website & we will have hot food ready for you, no questions asked. If ever there was a time for karma to come to the party & flatten the curve, now it is…

Home Delivery

Home Delivery may be ordered (preferably!) in advance to be delivered between 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Please allow a minimum of 1 hour for all deliveries.

We request a minimum order of $50.00 for all deliveries.

A Delivery Fee of $3.00 will apply for all orders.

We request that last orders are placed by 8.30 pm please.

We request that you please leave any lights on at the entrance for the delivery driver & also let us know if your street number is not visible in the dark.

Could you also please let us know any landmarks & the best place to park to access your residence, especially if you are on a busy street.

If you live in within a 5 km radius from our restaurant, but your suburb is not on our delivery list, please email us on bookings(at)  & we will get in touch to see if we can do something for you.


Easter Timings

  • Monday, 6th apr 2020 – Closed
  • Tuesday, 7th apr 2020 – Open
  • Wednesday, 8th apr 2020 – Open
  • Thursday, 9th apr 2020 – Open
  • Friday, 10th apr 2020 – Closed
  • Saturday, 11th apr 2020 – Closed
  • Sunday, 12th apr 2020 – Closed
  • Monday, 13th apr 2020 – Closed
  • Regular timings resume from tuesday, 14th apr 2020